Double action

Our quick release ball lock pins are double action.
This means the locking balls only retract when pulling or pushing the plunger.

  1. to install: you just push the ring
  2. to uninstall: you just pull the ring

High strength

The high-strength material used for the standard pip pins is ETG 100 which corresponds to SAE1144 and 44SMn28 (1.0762) and has the following properties:

  • Tensile strenght: 960-1100 N/mm².
  • Hardness: ap. 32 HRC.

Worldwide shipment

We ship our products wordwide with a transit time of 1 to 5 days.
Shipment costs depend on the destination country.

  • For Europe: € 10,00 to € 50,00.
  • Outside Europe: ex-works.