double action pins

The double acting quick release pin is by far the most attractive of all ball lock pins. The installation of this type of quick release pins is very easy and intuitive. The quick release pin can be operated with just one single finger.

double action quick release pin


To install the pin, you just need to put your finger inside the ring and push the pin into the installation hole. As soon as the locking balls are touching the smallest diameter of your application, the inner rod to which the ring is attached is compressing the spring and frees the locking balls. This enables the pin to move further into your application and let the locking balls go past the smallest diameter. When releasing the operation ring, a spring inside the shaft pushes back the inner rod which makes the locking balls to be pushed back into their locking postion.


To remove the quick release pin from your application, you can pull the ring with just one finger. When the locking balls are touching the smallest diameter of your application, the inner rod moves in the same direction as you are pulling which puts the locking balls in a free and unlocked position. This enables you to remove the ball lock pin from your application.

1/4″ diameter pip-pins

  • nominal diameter: 1/4 inch (≈ 6,35mm)
  • available grip lengths: 0.30 inch (≈ 7,62mm) up to 2.70 inch (≈ 68,58mm)
  • partnumbers: BAB-89-04-03; BAB-89-04-05; BAB-89-04-06; BAB-89-04-07; BAB-89-04-08; BAB-89-04-09; BAB-89-04-10; BAB-89-04-11; BAB-89-04-12; BAB-89-04-13; BAB-89-04-15; BAB-89-04-16; BAB-89-04-17; BAB-89-04-18; BAB-89-04-19; BAB-89-04-20; BAB-89-04-21; BAB-89-04-25; BAB-89-04-27;
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5/16″ diameter pip-pins

  • nominal diameter: 5/16 inch (≈ 7,94mm)
  • available grip lengths: 0.60 inch (≈ 15,24mm) up to 2.20 inch (≈ 55,88mm)
  • partnumbers: BAB-89-05-06; BAB-89-05-07; BAB-89-05-08; BAB-89-05-10; BAB-89-05-12; BAB-89-05-14; BAB-89-05-16; BAB-89-05-18; BAB-89-05-20; BAB-89-05-21; BAB-89-05-22;
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3/8″ diameter pip-pins

  • nominal diameter: 3/8 inch (≈ 9,53mm)
  • available grip lengths: 0.50 inch (≈ 12,70mm) up to 3.00 inch (≈ 76,20mm)
  • partnumbers: BAB-89-06-05; BAB-89-06-06; BAB-89-06-07; BAB-89-06-09; BAB-89-06-11; BAB-89-06-13; BAB-89-06-15; BAB-89-06-17; BAB-89-06-18; BAB-89-06-19; BAB-89-06-21; BAB-89-06-23; BAB-89-06-26; BAB-89-06-27; BAB-89-06-28; BAB-89-06-30;
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7/16″ diameter pip-pins

  • nominal diameter: 7/16 inch (≈ 11,11mm)
  • available grip lengths: 0.60 inch (≈ 15,24mm) up to 2.40 inch (≈ 60,96mm)
  • partnumbers: BAB-89-07-06; BAB-89-07-08; BAB-89-07-10; BAB-89-07-12; BAB-89-07-14; BAB-89-07-15; BAB-89-07-16; BAB-89-07-18; BAB-89-07-20; BAB-89-07-24;
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1/2″ diameter pip pins

  • nominal diameter: 1/2 inch (≈ 12,70mm)
  • available grip lengths: 0.90 inch (≈ 22,86mm) up to 3.50 inch (≈ 83,80mm)
  • partnumbers: BAB-89-08-09; BAB-89-08-11; BAB-89-08-13; BAB-89-08-15; BAB-89-08-17; BAB-89-08-19; BAB-89-08-21; BAB-89-08-23; BAB-89-08-25; BAB-89-08-27; BAB-89-08-33;
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